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Join other Catholic singles at events in a friendly group setting. Enjoy new experiences. Meet people. Make friends.

Who We Are

Catholic Alumni Clubs International (CACI) is an association of 20 Catholic Alumni Clubs located throughout the United States.

CACI’s mission: encourage the development of local CAC’s, facilitate communication between local clubs, represent the interests of single Catholics at a national level, and host its National Convention.

A Catholic Alumni Club (CAC) is a local organization of single Catholic professional men and women. Each CAC provides a friendly setting for Catholic singles to meet and develop friendships with other Catholic singles at a variety of enjoyable, interesting, and fulfilling activities.

Local CAC Chapters

What We Do

Events at your local CAC may include:


A favorite CAC social event.

House/Games Parties

Friendly, low-pressure gatherings at members’ homes. Great icebreakers.

Fine Dining

An enjoyable evening with fellow CACers at a local restaurant.

Spiritual Replenishment

Mass, retreats, spiritual discussions, and other events celebrating our faith.

Community Volunteering

An essential element of Catholic life.

Cultural Events

Theatre, concerts, musicals, plays, tours, and more.

Sporting Events

Volleyball, tennis, hiking, and more. Friendly interaction. Low-intensity competition.

Weekend Getaways

Skiing, camping, and other weekend trips.

National Travel Opportunities:

Annually, the CACI National Convention and several CAC Regional Weekends take place, where CAC members from many chapters throughout the country join together to enjoy tours, sporting events, dinner-dances, liturgies, seminars, and parties.

Local Catholic Alumni Clubs

Check out the CAC nearest you!

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Eastern Region

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Have interest in a local CAC above? Click/tap to go to that club’s website (if available). You may contact them from there. Or contact us:

Don’t have a CAC near you?

Our At-Large Membership enables you to be a part of the nationwide CAC community and take part in its activities, including the National Convention and Regional Weekends. Learn more

Consider starting a new CAC in your area. Our Club Development Chairman {{ getPersonField('Club Development') }} will work closely with you to get a CAC in your area up and running.

Membership in CAC

CAC Events

Why Join CAC?

Join other single professional Catholics in your area, and start enjoying these benefits:

  • Meet and establish friendships with other single Catholics while enjoying interesting fulfilling activities.
  • Get reduced admission prices at club events.
  • Receive the local club’s newsletter, which contains event and other club information.
  • Voting privileges.
  • Eligible to attend enjoyable CAC vacations: the annual CACI National Convention, and CAC Regional Weekends.
  • Receive The Communiqué, the CACI newsletter, by mail.
  • Attend activities of other CAC’s at member rates when you’re in their area.

Meet the criteria for CAC membership, below? Become a member of a local CAC chapter, and start enjoying the company of other Catholic singles of similar values! Local CACs

Membership criteria –
What do CAC members have in common?

CAC membership is comprised of men and women who are:

  • Single.
  • Catholic.
  • Free to marry in the Catholic Church.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Educated with a four-year or two-year college degree or equivalent, or registered nurse.

(Specific requirements may vary – please check with the chapter of interest to you. An alternative form of membership may be available to singles who don't meet all the above qualifications.)

More CAC Events

At-Large Membership

Don’t live near a local CAC chapter and meet CAC membership criteria? You still have the opportunity be a part of the nationwide CAC community and take part in its activities by becoming a CAC At-Large Member.

Benefits of At-Large Membership:

  • Enjoy CACI National Conventions and CAC Regional Weekends. Vacation with fellow CAC members throughout the country.
  • Attend activities of a local CAC at member rates when you’re in their area.
  • Receive The Communiqué, the CACI Newsletter, by mail.
  • Receive a Membership Card that identifies you as a CAC member.
  • Meet single Catholic college graduates from all over the USA.
  • Receive direct mailings of National Convention information and registration forms.
  • Receive direct mailings of all Regional Weekend information.
  • Possible opportunity to become an active part of the CACI Board.

Apply for At-Large Membership:

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Find out more:

Contact At-Large Membership Coordinator {{ getPersonField('At-Large Membership') }}:

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CACI National Convention & Regional Weekends

About CACI Travel

Each year, several travel opportunities are available exclusively to CAC members. Join fellow CACers throughout the US, for tours, sporting events, dinner-dances, liturgies, seminars, parties, and more.

National Convention

All CAC members in good standing are invited to the annual CACI National Convention, a weeklong gathering of more than a hundred CAC members from around the US. A varying North American location of particular interest to CAC travelers is selected each year.

Begin each day with breakfast. Then join a sightseeing tour, or participate in a sporting event such as tennis, volleyball, or golf. Later in the afternoon, attend a celebration of the Mass. Afterwards, enjoy a cocktail hour and catered dinner, followed by a dance. Close out the night with an after-hours party. Do all this while sharing the warmth of companionship and good cheer with fellow Catholic singles who are CAC members.

The Great River Road

CACI also holds its election of officers and conducts its annual business meeting at the Convention. Seminars are also held to improve leaders’ ability to run their clubs.

For many CACers, this Annual Vacation is the highlight of the year! Experience it for yourself.

Regional Weekends

Regional Weekends provide additional vacation opportunities for CACers, beyond the National Convention. CAC chapters host, for their Region, a Weekend full of activities of interest to Catholic singles. All CAC members may attend any Regional Weekend.

Past Conventions

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Travel Calendar

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paper & quill

CACI publishes The Communiqué, a newsletter that CAC members receive by mail about twice a year. It contains information on CACI, the National Convention, Regional Weekends and other Regional affairs, and other information of interest to CAC members.

Read The Communiqué

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Scholarship Fund

CACI is happy to help deserving individuals advance their education, thanks to a gift from the estate of former CACI President Ed Webb, and from donations collected at the CACI National Convention and Regional Weekends as well as other supportive individuals.

Most CAC members are college graduates and view education as a positive factor in shaping lives. Thus, as a charitable endeavor, CACI has established the Catholic Alumni Clubs International Scholarship Fund, officially named the Edward T. Webb Memorial Fund.

Annually, each of the three CACI Regions directs the Fund to provide financial aid at a university, high school, elementary school, or other educational institution, which is selected by vote of that Region’s member clubs. Each member Club may nominate one school. Anyone wishing to recommend a school for consideration should contact the president of the Catholic Alumni Club in the geographic area of the school.

History of the Fund

Ed Webb was the first president of the association that is now Catholic Alumni Clubs International. In his will, Ed bequeathed money to a CACI Scholarship Fund. Ed's will was opened in 2005. The following year, at the 2006 National Convention, the CACI Board of Directors established the Edward T. Webb Memorial Fund. CACers attending the Convention donated the first contributions into the Fund. Shortly thereafter, the Fund received a distribution from Ed's estate. Since 2007, the Fund has been annually assisting many students through scholarship awards to a number of educational institutions.

How is the Fund governed?

The Fund is directed by an Administrator working in association with two Supervisors. The CACI President appoints all three, and may serve as one of the two Supervisors. These appointments run concurrent with the President's term of office.

Inquiries & Comments:

Contact CACI Scholarship Fund Administrator {{ getPersonField('Scholarship Fund Administrator') }}:

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CACI Executive Board

Catholic Alumni Clubs International is governed by its Board of Directors, composed of the Executive Committee (the Officers and the Immediate Past President), and the presidents and delegates of individual CACs. Officers are elected annually at the National Convention (typically in July or August) and assume office for one year beginning October 1.

Regional Officers

The Association of all Catholic Alumni Clubs is divided geographically into three regions. Each region is administered by a Regional Vice President.


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